Nancy Calderon

Nancy Calderon, Director

Nancy Calderon was appointed to the Company’s Board and Audit Committee in May 2020. She also serves on the Audit Committee.

The Board recruited Ms. Calderon for her deep executive management and audit experience. Ms. Calderon retired from KPMG LLP in September 2019 after a distinguished 33-year career. Most recently, Ms. Calderon served as KPMG's Global Lead Partner for a Fortune 50 Technology company since July 2012, senior partner of KPMG's Board Leadership Center since its inception in 2015, and as a director of KPMG's Global Delivery Center in India and its related holding companies since September 2011. Previously, she was KPMG's Americas Chief Administrative Officer and U.S. National Partner in Charge, Operations, from July 2008 to June 2012. Ms. Calderon sat on a number of KPMG committees, including the Americas Region Management Committee, Enterprise Risk Management, Privacy, Pension Steering and Investment, Social Media, and Knowledge Management.

Chair of the Audit Committee